Ape On A Crate is a sounding board for my impressions of life. It’s a place where I don’t need to write like it’s my job and at the same time, it’s still out there in the internet, so I can’t just be completely unfiltered. As a low traffic blog, this is a hybrid of private and public space that I find fascinating. So, who is Ape? Let’s find out:

The I’ms:

I’m a human, I’m female, I’m gay, I’m a grad student, I’m a future researcher of literary ethnomusicology, I’m short, I’m strong, I’m foreign, I’m a musician, I’m a healthy drinker, I’m an ex smoker (Can I bum a cigarette?), I’m an ex almost school drop out that figured stuff out and made it to grad school, I’m a shiksa (The rise of this word. Hmm. I will eventually post about this word. I have things to say about it.), I’m serially single, I’m a year away from the 27 club (planning to survive it), I’m defending my thesis in the next month or so (early Holocaust novels and their methods of memorialization), I’m waiting to hear from 8 Ph.D. fellow positions, and I’m not as tired now as I was in the past.

The I-verb-objects:

I like modern private rituals where I’m shaman, subject, divinity, and method (i.e., war paint and workout), I like running, I like lifting, I like eating a lot of carbs when I’m done with that, I like cutting my own hair, I like cats, I like dogs, and I like horses.

I play guitar, balalaika, bass, cello, violin, drums, synth (can’t say I play piano), and some harmonica.

I speak languages, I speak with an accent in all of my languages, I speak often, I speak to my pets, and I speak to myself. I don’t speak in my dreams and I don’t speak when I’m trying not to judge.

I read for work, I read for pleasure, I read out of boredom, and I read out of passion.


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